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Liteups edge comes from our creator network. We generate 100's of socially native creatives monthly removing the challenge of scalable creator content for our clients.

We manage everything from matching to payment enabling you to focus on what matters.

Client Dashboard


Keep track of which creatives are delivering the best performance.


Cost, video performance, and event data all in one place.


We onboard the events that are relevant to your app and reflect these in the dashboard.


We offer fully performance based campaigns. Our campaigns are priced on a cost per install basis and all creatives are optimised to whatever your target KPI is ensuring "junk" installs are avoided.

We determine an initial CPI by looking at historic post install metrics (CVR, CAC, LTV) and work backwards from these to land on a number that is sustainable for your business model.

Your cost will be dynamic which means CPIs will come in at various ranges some below the target some slightly above, however we set a ceiling on CPIs to ensure that any creatives under performing don't drive up cost and are paused.

There are no content costs, platform fees, or agency fees.

How does it work

Liteup combines user-generated content with paid media. Our network of experienced micro-creators generate user-centric content for your brand, which we amplify through the fastest-growing social media channels.

Our invite only network of creators is segmented based on multiple variables allowing us to match your app with creators who will achieve maximum resonance.

Case Studies


We helped scale new sign-ups for the leading mobile banking app for young adults.

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We launched Fitify in Tier 1 markets helping them climb the app-store ranks.

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We generated thousands of paying users and exceeded ROAS targets.

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