How Step used Liteup to scale
growth on TikTok

The Campaign

Step is an all-in-one banking solution designed to help the next generation build smarter money habits. With over 1 million users, Step recognized the potential of leveraging user-generated content (UGC) and micro-creators to reach new audiences and drive growth on TikTok. To achieve this, Step partnered with Liteup, using our creator platform to match and drive growth through micro creators at scale. The campaign was designed to take advantage of Liteup's ability to automate the identification and matching of the right influencers with Step's brand, as well as their ability to drive high-quality installs for the Step app. This comprehensive approach enabled Step to achieve its business objectives, resulting in a significant increase in new signups, user engagement, and overall growth.

The Challenge

Step, aimed to expand its reach by leveraging micro-creators and user-generated content on social media. However, they faced a significant challenge in acquiring high-quality UGC at scale. The traditional model of finding influencers, providing them with a script, and paying flat fees for each video was proving to be a barrier to their success. The process was time-consuming, and it was difficult to ensure that the content produced was aligned with their brand and met their expectations. As a result, Step needed to find a more efficient and effective way to tap into the power of UGC and micro-creators to reach new audiences and drive growth.

The Challenge

Fitify had tried working with content creators before but getting high-quality uer-generated content resulted in a huge pain point. Following traditional models, the process of finding influencers, providing a script and paying flat fees before seeing results tends to be inefficient and hard to scale.

The Solution

To drive growth for Step, we leveraged our creator platform to target lifestyle and fintech influencers in the US. Utilizing a test, learn, and iterate approach to creator matching and content generation, we were able to identify and scale the highest-performing creatives while achieving Step's KPIs. Our dynamic optimization model allows for adjustments based on individual content creators' performance, reducing bids for those who don't meet the KPIs, enabling Step to continue scaling their campaign. As a result, Step has received over 60 pieces of content generating more than 15,000 installs with an impressive install-to-signup rate of 60%+. Our approach and platform saved them countless hours and created a centralized point for creative-driven growth.

The Results in one month


over 50 content creators


iOS users across the US


Install to Signup rate

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